Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears all requests for variances from the Deerpark Zoning Code as well as requests for special permits under those regulations.
Members of the Board make on-site inspections to assist in evaluation of all applications, including issues of hardship, character of the neighborhood, change of use, etc., and follow specific guidelines in making their determinations.
The Zoning Board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Cheryl Greene – Chairwoman Term expiration 12/31/2027
  • Robert Zeller –Vice Chair Term expiration 12/31/2026
  • Philip Niosi –Term expiration 12/31/2025
  • Tanner Sexton –Term expiration 12/31/2028
  • Patricia O’Leary-May –Term expiration 12/31/2029
  • Amanda Gorr: Secretary
  • Glen Plotsky: Town Attorney
Normally meetings held every third Thursday of the month. All Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are open to the public and generally begin at 7:30pm. Residents are invited to attend. If there is a public hearing on the agenda, residents can address the board on the topic which is the subject of the public hearing.
Meeting agendas are provided at each meeting. Agendas can also be picked up in advance at Town Hall, however please call Town Hall at (845) 856-2210 ext. 9, to check availability.