Who is the Assessor?

The Assessor is a local government official who
Is obligated by New York State law to maintain
assessment at a uniform percentage of the market
value each year. The Assessor signs an oath
to this effect when verifying the tentative
assessment roll. In order to maintain a uniform
roll, each year your assessor will need to
analyze all of the properties in the municipality;
which may include physical inspections and
also taking exterior pictures of parcels.
The assessor also reviews every transfer of real
property for accuracy.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Important Dates:

March 1st – Taxable Status Date
(Filing deadline for ALL exemptions.)

May 1st
Tentative Roll filed and available to review.
Assessment changes mailed to property owners.

4th Tuesday in May
NYS BAR Grievance Day Hearing
Call or email office

Aggrieved property owners may appear before the Board of Assessment Review.

Town of Deerpark – Town Hall
420 Rte 209 Huguenot, NY 12746
845-856-2210 x6

July 1st – Final Roll filed.

Changes to Basic STAR
New York State has changed the laws for new
STAR registrants. Please visit STAR Property
Tax Relief Program for further information.

Data Collection Ongoing
The Assessor and Data Collector will be visiting
properties in the area to take photos and measure
in order to obtain up to date property information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What and when is Taxable Status Day?
Property is assessed according to its condition and ownership as of March 1st (Taxable Status Day).

When and what is Grievance Day?
Property owners who are aggrieved have the right to present supporting documents to the Board of Assessment Review. Grievance Day always takes place on the 4th Tuesday in May. Grievance forms (RP-524) are available here: Form RP-524, Complaint on Real Property Assessment

Grievance Day Procedures:

If you feel your assessment is incorrect, please make an appointment with the Assessor prior to Tentative Roll to discuss your concerns.

The property owner will be required to submit supporting documents (a recent appraisal and/or a list of comparable homes). The burden of proof is on the homeowner.

Complaints to the Assessor or Board of Assessment Review must be about the property assessment. Complaints about taxes should be directed to the taxing jurisdictions such as the School Board, County Legislature, or the Town Board. The Assessor does not set budgets or the tax rates resulting from the budgets.

Important Links:

Click here to view the 2022 Final Roll

You can view your property with current
Assessment / Market value on the Orange
County Website:

Orange County Real Property Services

NY State Department of
Taxation and Finance