Deerpark Supervisor Karl A. Brabenec, Highlands Supervisor Ed Magryta and Chester Supervisor Steven M. Neuhaus

BUCHANAN, NY) – Supervisors from three local towns in Orange County and two Orange County Legislators joined a delegation from the New York State Assembly to tour the Indian Point Nuclear Facility in Buchanan this past Friday. Joining the delegation were Chester Supervisor Steven M. Neuhaus, Deerpark Supervisor Karl A. Brabenec, and Highlands Supervisor Ed Magryta. Orange County Legislators Katherine Bonelli and Dan Castricone were also present on the tour.

“I am very interested in the operations and emergency plans of the plant due to the close proximity to my community,” said Highlands Supervisor Magryta. “I was very pleased to see the heavy security at the plant and the detailed emergency plans as well.”

“After touring the facility, I feel that there are enough protections and fail safes in place to warrant an approval of their 20 year license extension,” said Deerpark Supervisor Brabenec. “It is obvious that if the plant is forced to shutdown, it will have severe energy shortage implications on New York’s electricity grid, which will have a profound domino-effect on the residents of my community. In addition, you will be putting more people out of work which is not what you need in this struggling economy.”

“With the increasing costs of electricity every year, we need to take steps to increase the supply of energy, not decrease it,” said Chester Supervisor Neuhaus. “Indian Point provides anywhere from 16 to 30 percent of New York City’s energy needs and it’s a very clean source of producing electricity. A shutdown of this plant would have a major economic impact on the residents and businesses in my community.”

The purpose of the tour by Entergy officials was to answer any questions or concerns that the elected officials may have had in response to the recent tragedies in Japan and to outline their procedures to ensure the safety of the residents of this area in case of any shutdowns or emergencies.